IRC 4492 Alpha


IRC 4492 Alpha is an Imperial Rehabilitation Center located in the Expansion Region near the Corporate Sector Authority. Designed and built shortly before the end of the Clone Wars in order to house dangerous war criminals, IRC4492 Alpha was re-purposed to by the fledgling Galactic Empire to be a medical and pharmaceutical testing facility that uses criminals in a wide range of highly unethical laboratory tests. With some exceptions, the criminals are housed in community cell blocks where the prison staff does very little to interfere on their day to day lives. In other words, anything short of a riot is ignored by the prison staff. This allows the scientific staff of the station to observe their experiments in their “natural habitat”, free of outside influences.

The scientific community that conducts research aboard IRC 4492 is compromised of some of the most deranged, yet brilliant, minds in the galaxy. The Galactic Empire transferred several notable doctors and scientists that had been convicted of unethical testing, war crimes or other sentences to IRC 4492 Alpha and essentially use them as slave labor. However, it must be noted that many of the intellectuals do not mind the working conditions and are pleased to work in an environment where the constraints of morality and ethics are non-existent.


IRC 4492 Alpha is a space station; any climate that exists aboard the station is artificial.


Unlike many prisons, IRC 4492 Alpha’s inmates have no contact with the outside world and do not have any material possessions to barter with. The closest thing approaching an economy for the prisoners is an exchange of favors. IRC 4492 Alpha’s contribution to the galactic economy is fairly minimal, though the experiments conducted there do make substantial contributions to science and medicine.


IRC 4492 Alpha is under strict Imperial control. The garrison on board the station maintains a constant and vigilant watch of everything that occurs on board, and the warden (who is also the station’s administrator) rules the station with an iron fist. The station’s guard to prisoner ration is 1:10, though the empire has a large number of droids on standby that can be activated in the event of a riot or other serious incident. To date, there has never been an escape attempt on IRC 4492 Alpha.

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