CEC Mining Station 114-389


CEC Mining Station 114-389 is a mining facility located at the edge of an asteroid field in the Enirev system in Wild Space. Built on, and extending into, the surface of a minor planet the station also serves as Corellian Engineering Corporation’s primary facility for the sector that it resides in. CEC is careful to ensure that the facility has adequate protection from pirates and raiders, and as such, visitors to the Enirev system will likely encounter least one active patrol. While the station itself also has a large mining complex that provides CEC with adequate resources, the majority of CEC’s profit comes from mining the nearby asteroid field.

Being CEC’s primary facility in the sector, Mining Station 114-389 is essentially a planetary colony in of itself. Spacers passing through the area can easily find a place to repair and replenish their ship, though the station’s entertainment venues typically cater to the miners that work for CEC.


Mining Station 114-389 has a controlled, artificial environment. In the mining tunnels found on the lower levels, CEC has gone to great expense to expand the station’s artificial environment. However, the atmosphere levels are thin and safety requirements require additional survival equipment for organic beings. In the mines that exist within the asteroid fields, the only artificial climates are in areas where the constant habitation of organic beings is required. The rest of the areas in the asteroid mines are vacuum.


Mining Station 114-389’s economy is mostly dependent on CEC’s support and efforts to mine the minor planet and the surrounding asteroid field. The mining station also receives an influx of credits from planetary scouts and other spacers that use the station’s facility for replenishment. The permanent residents on the station receive most of their sundry goods from one of CEC’s many subsidiaries, though independent traders occasionally make deliveries as well though they are careful not to deprive CEC of too many customers.


CEC, in accordance with the Corporate Sector Charter, provides government and policing services on behalf of the Galactic Empire. CEC is a fairly progressive corporation and is not as tyrannical as many of the board members of the Corporate Sector Authority. However, CEC still expects it’s employees to be “diligent workers” (work uncompensated overtime) and CEC’s primary concern is always profit. CEC is also noted to have a very low tolerance of criminal activity in the system, mainly out of a concern to ensure that the Galactic Empire has no reason to pay too much attention to the system.

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CEC Mining Station 114-389

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