Lyek is the third planet in the Estawmek system, on the rimward edge of Hutt space. Lyek was an industrial, factory wold that used by the Hutts for many centuries to produce everything from moisture evaporators to high end security droids. However, centuries of non-existent environmental regulations and cheap industrial waste disposal practices would turn Lyek into a toxic, industrial wasteland.

The transformation into an industrial wasteland would be complete in 25BBY, when an industrial accident caused a massive explosion in one of the waste containment centers. The resulting explosion released decades of harmful chemicals and agents into the atmosphere, soil, and aquifer resulting in a planet wide environmental catastrophe. In the span of six standard months, the surface of Lyek was rendered completely uninhabitable by toxic waste and pollution. In six more months, analysis would indicate that the soil and water of Lyek would never recover from the accident. Additionally, observations of local flora and fauna would reveal that several specimens that were surviving the environmental catastrophe were undergoing radical mutations.

An economic analysis by the Hutts indicated that attempting to use Lyek as a production center would not be feasible since any organic life would have to be housed in specifically crated bio-domes for the purpose. The Hutts decided that any remaining industrial production centers should be dismantled and reduced to salvage by droids and clean up crews. Lyek became an industrial graveyard, fit only to be used as a galactic waste dump similar to Raxus Prime.

However, in 2 BBY, an enterprising Hutt by the name of Kuraba Nadjilic proposed to the Hutt Council to use Lyek as a prison world of sorts. Prisoners sentenced to Lyek would have to attempt to survive the mutated flora and fauna, and hazardous environment itself. The Hutt council agreed, and being sentenced to Lyek became one of the Hutt’s most beloved punishments.


The maority of Lyek’s surface is covered in fetid, toxic swamps. Centuries of pollution and an environmental catastrophe have completed altered Lyek’s ecosystem. Any native flora and fauna that have survived have radically mutated to become some of the most hardy and vicious creatures in the galaxy. Thankfully (for the rest of the galaxy at least), the flora and fauna’s adaptation to Lyek’s toxic ecosystem means that they cannot survive off of the planet for long periods of time. Due to the density of the atmosphere caused by heavy air pollution, Lyek is unbearably hot and has temperatures that easily rival that of planets such as Tatooine.


Lyek has no economy on it’s own and produces nothing of worth. Lyek’s worth lies in it’s value as a prison planet and the entertainment derived from watching it’s prisoners survive the planet’s dangers (and each other).


Lyek lies within Hutt space, and therefor planetary defense and law enforcement is left to the Hutts. However, Lyek itself has no laws or government. Visitors to Lyek are strongly discouraged by the Hutts, and to date, no one has escaped Lyek if they’ve been sentenced there. A handful of individuals have survived the Hutt’s survival game long enough to have been granted amnesty, however. Most survivors of Lyek’s games are offered a position in one of the Nadjilic Hutt Cartel’s private military corporations.

Notable Locations

Lyek Plastics Factory
Rancor Arms Factory
Rax Biomedical Facility

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